BG Fuel Air Induction Service

BG Fuel Air Induction Service

The induction systems are those parts that meter and direct the flow of air into the engine. One of the major problems is that the throttle body on the induction system gets dirty. That upsets airflow and leads to decreased fuel economy. Cleaning your fuel injector system helps remove build-up and deposits, which can also reduce your vehicle’s carbon footprint by improving the fuel economy. CincoAuto offers BG Fuel Air Induction Service for all vehicles that ensures a healthier engine.

Deposits accumulate on intake valves, injectors, ports, fuel injectors and combustion chambers causing loss of power, rough idle, hesitation, misfire, pinging, knocking, mileage and hard starting. Our BG fuel air induction service will keep your engine safe and performing optimally.

• Clean fuel injectors
• Clean throttle body
• Clean plenum and air-intake
• Clean intake valves and ports
• Remove combustion chamber deposits
• Correct balance of fuel and air in system

After this service you’ll notice:

• Reduced emissions
• Restored horsepower
• Increased fuel economy
• Starts and idles smooth and runs quieter