BG Cooling System Service

BG Cooling System Service

A cooling system flush is an important part of preventative maintenance and helps to keep your car healthy and on the road. Your cooling system is what keeps your car from overheating by circulating a mixture of water and coolant through the engine. Over time the coolant mixture becomes contaminated and so a system flush clears out the contaminants leaving only fresh coolant and water. Our BG cooling system service will keep your vehicle feeling great in hot weather.

Coolant is depleted of buffering ingredients and becomes extremely corrosive, literally eating holes in cooling system components. By-products of corrosion damage, as well as rust and scale, clog the passageways that conduct the water through the radiator and choke off the flow. This may result in an overheated engine that may be damaged beyond repair.

The entire cooling system is first cleaned and then all debris and worn out coolant is completely removed from the system. Then, fresh new premium coolant is added. Conditioners are also included to prevent rust and corrosion and BG Universal Cooling System Sealer is also included to prevent leaks.

After this service you’ll notice:

  • Overheating prevention
  • Foaming prevention
  • Controlled rust and corrosion
  • Extended coolant life
  • Balanced coolant pH