BG Power Steering Service

BG Power Steering Service

Changing your power steering fluid at your vehicle’s manufacturer recommended intervals will ensure continued system performance and extended service life. Power steering service as part of scheduled maintenance services and will save you the trouble of major repairs down the road. Our BG power steering service will keep your vehicle running smooth.

The power steering pump produces high pressure between 800–2000 pounds, with high heat. This leads to fluid breakdown and failure. Symptoms include groaning and whining noises, erratic steering and pump leaks. BG power steering service is the way to get these symptoms in check.

A powerful cleaner suspends and dissolves varnish and gums in the power steering system and then all of the old fluid is replaced with new high-tech power steering fluid for both conventional sector and rack and pinion. The benefit will be a quieter-operating, longer lasting power-steering system.

After this service you’ll notice:

  • Eliminated steering squeal
  • Corrected “jerky” steering wheel
  • Fluid leak prevention
  • Reduced wear