Scheduled Maintenance

Recommended Scheduled Maintenance


The following Scheduled Maintenance table is suggested to maximize the safety, efficiency, and life of your vehicle. These recommendations are based on “severe” use of your vehicle.

Service Description

Recommended Scheduled Maintenance/Inspection Intervals

Headlights & Small Bulbs

Check Weekly

Lube and Oil Filter Follow Manufacturer Recommendation
Battery 6,000 Mile Inspection
Tire Rotation 5,000 Miles
Wheel Alignment 6,000 Mile Inspection
Air Filter 12,000 Mile Inspection
Cabin / A/C Filter 12,000 Mile Inspection
Cooling System Service Follow Manufacturer Recommendation
Emission System 12,000 Mile Inspection
Engine Analysis 12,000 Mile Inspection
Engine Tune-Up (Non Computer) Follow Manufacturer Recommendation
Exhaust Parts 12,000 Mile Inspection
Fuel Filter (Injection) 15,000 Miles
Shock Absorbers 12,000 Mile Inspection
Steering Parts 12,000 Mile Inspection
Struts & Cartridges 12,000 Mile Inspection
Wiper Blades 12,000 Mile Inspection
Air Conditioning Service 24,000 Miles/24 Months
Brakes 24,000 Mile Inspection
C-V Joints 24,000 Mile Inspection
Drive Axle Bearings & Seals 24,000 Mile Inspection
Fan/Accessory Belts 24,000 Miles
Fuel Injector Cleaning 15,000 Miles
Flush Cooling System 30,000 Miles
Suspension Parts 24,000 Mile Inspection
Transmission Service Follow Manufacturer Recommendation
Cooling System Hoses 60 Month Inspection
Timing Belts

Follow Manufacturer Recommendation